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Black Crowes, Ben Harper, Booker T. Jones


“The Compound is an incredible place to work. [I'm] very relaxed with Anthony and Jeff handling the technical stuff. I’ve been free to be very creative with the band and arrangements. Things can happen very fast. You might even forget you are making a record.”



Free Moral Agents, Jack White, the Mars Volta

“It’s great to be able to go to one place and be able to get whatever sound I need. I’ve been working with Antoine for 15 years…and I always leave happy.”




"Played live and sang it right there on the same take. Antoine and Marc worked really good at knowing what sounds they wanted to get and knowing how to mic things in certain ways. That's a real lost art."


Independent Artist, Melbourne Australia

"I met Antoine by simply emailing the studio and asking if they had some free time. I live in Australia so all the work before arriving was done over email. The whole experience at The Compound was amazing, to include hosting my dear friend Ryan Adams who stopped in to sing and play guitar. Antoine is a fantastic producer/musician who worked me hard and got the best of everyone whilst working so hard himself.”


Phantom Limb, Massive Attack


"I love it here. This is the best record I have ever been involved with.”


​Pearl Jam, Guitar

"My favorite recording studio in California is The Compound. The owner, Antoine, is an excellent drummer, producer, and engineer. I always get great sounds in this cool building. I highly recommend any artist check it out."


The Staples Singers

Soul/Gospel Legend, Rock&Roll Hall of Fame and Civil Rights Icon


 " I like this place, it's old-timey"


 "I would gladly sing for his      record, but its not entirely left    up to me...So that's all we need is the Ok, and I'm available.

I hope we can save his studio."


Rival Sons


"I've employed The Compound's rich walls so many times over the years for both solo endeavors and most recently with the band (Rival Sons) and each time I fall in love with the place a little more.

Antoine is the perfect steward here and there is no mistake: he, his ears and his hands are the lifeblood of what makes every recording from The Compound Studio so organically refined."


Editor of Tape Op Magazine

Owner of Jackpot! Recording Studio



“The Compound Studio is funky cool; a real place to make and capture music. And don't forget the patio hang right outside the control room. I had a blast and hope to return!” 




A&R Lost Highway Records

“There is real life in the walls of The Compound – it breaths and lives and contributes to the sounds created and the sounds found. Antoine Arvizu and Marc Ford know how to bring everything together to find the right vibe. They are creators and collaborators. They highlight and accentuate. And they’re also fun!”

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